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Drum Sanders Facts And Information

Drum sander machines sand and finish large wood surfaces just like planers. Here are few facts regarding these awesome appliances.

  • Drums sanders range in price from anywhere between $400 and $2,200. The more expensive models tend to have better dust collection and anti-vibration technologies, but are really more suited for larger projects.
  • Dual drum sanders have two sanding drums allowing use of two different sanding belts with different grits. This means you can sand your panel with a rough grit and finish it with a fine grit in the same pass.
  • Drum sanders can be compact enough for a bench-top, while others could be the size of a washing machine. This range offers craftsmen of all calibers with a lot of options.
  • The disc sander is the most commonly known as a stationary sanding machine.
  • The belt sander is a machine used to sand down wood and other materials for finishing purposes.
  • The oscillating spindle sander not only rotates on a spindle but also moves up and down at the same time. Its good for sanding curves and contours that are otherwise difficult to sand.
  • Random orbit sanders also called Dual-Action or D.A. sanders are hand-held power tools, that vibrate in small circles, or "orbits."
  • Straight-line sanders vibrate in a straight line instead of in circles. They are good for places where hand sanding is tedious. Mostly they are air-powered, but there are a select few that are electric.
  • Detail Sanders also known as mouse or corner sanders are hand-held sander that uses a vibrating head with a triangular piece of sandpaper attached, and are used for sanding corners and very tight spaces.
  • Stroke sanders are large production sander using hand-operated platen on a standard sanding belt to apply pressure and are good for large projects like tabletops, doors, and cabinets.
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